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Ruggedized Switchable Input Coaxial Amplifier

Ruggedized Switchable Input Coaxial Amplifier


    • Wide Band Frequency Coverage
    • Fast Switchable Input Control ≤ 100 nS
    • Internal DC Regulation
    • EAR99 Export Classification


AKON developed a new coaxial line of ruggedized amplifiers with dual input high isolation SP2T switches. This new line of broadband amplifiers are available in multiple bands from 1-18 GHz.

These amplifiers have low loss/high isolation SP2T switches at the input allowing to use the amplifier with multiple inputs and a common output. AKON utilizes its own standard line of amplifiers and switches as building blocks inside these ruggedized amplifiers. AKON has designed these  Amplifiers with internal TTL drivers and internal DC regulation.

AKON products are designed to withstand the demanding environments of Military, Space and Industrial applications. Our compact and ruggedized products are designed to handle stringent mechanical shock/vibrations, temperature cycling, altitude and temperature extremes.

Reliability is a key feature of AKON products and to ensure this we perform ESS testing on all of our products.  AKON offers an off-the-shelf screening option called its “H“ series, per Mil-STD-883 level B that is available on all of its RF & Microwave Components. For custom electrical, mechanical, and screening options, please contact AKON Sales: sales@akoninc.com (or) 408-432-8039.

Model Number A35-MH261 A35-MH262 A35-MH263
Frequency Range(GHz) 2-8 6-18 1-18
Overall Gain (dB) 22 20 19
Isolation J1 - J2 50 50 60
Noise Figure (dB) 9 10 11
P1 dB (dBm) 23 20 17
VSWR 2.0:1 2.0:1 2.0:1
DC Bias (VDC) ± 12 ± 12 ± 12
RF Connector* S, N, T S, N, T S, N, T
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All products are measured in 50-ohm system, over a temperature Range of -54 to +85° C.
*Ordering information: Examples: A35-MH260S (SMA female connectors), A35-MH260N (Type N connectors), A35-MH260T (TNC connectors)

Customer Program

JPL - MIRO (Complex Integrated Microwave Assembly)
JPL - MLS (complex Converter Assembly)
AEG - Germany FL-1800 (Electronic Counter Measure)
CSIST - Shipboard Radar Update
Raytheon - SLQ - 32
BAE/Sanders - USM - 406C (Test Set)
BAE/Sanders - USM - 464 (Test Set)
US Navy - SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar TR Modules
NAVSEA/Envisioneering - SEAPORT-e Program (Tuners)
Lockheed Martin - AEGIS
SEARAM - Rolling Airframe Missile
Brazilian Navy
DSTO Australia
Anaren - Canadian F18
Ford - HARM Missile Seeker
ITT - ASPJ (Airborne Self Protect Jammer) IDECM (Integrated Digital Electronic Counter)
Japan - FSX, Several RWR (Radar Warning Receiver)
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56C (F15 Fighter) RWR
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56M (F16 Fighter) RWR
BAE/Loral - ALQ - 131 (Pod Mounted Jammer)
Turkish F-16 - Front End Converters SPEWS II
DRS - Euro Fighter Test Set
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56V - F15 (RWR Update)
Northrop Grumman - JSTARS
Northrop Grumman - ALQ - 188 (Electronic Attack Training Pod)
Raytheon - ALQ - 142 (LAMPS Helicopter)
Electronica (Italy)
Government of India - Aircraft Radar
DSTO (Australia)
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